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reSonare | Grabación de música clásica | Classical music recording | iOS 7



#1 Do I have to buy an external mic or something in adittion?

No. reSonare is based on one principle: simplicity. You o​nly have to access the guide, position the iPhone and click to record. Finally, by selecting the proper preset, you will get the mastered sound, according to your instrument. However, we suggest you to buy a phone holder, to help you in the positioning process.


#2 As the iPhone has only mono recording capability, why to choose Stereo?

iPhone supports external devices that enable a stereo recording (adapters, plug-in mics, etc...) If you own one of those devices, by selecting Stereo, you will get the most from that system. However, if you only use your phone, you can certainly record using mono.​


#3 If I have recorded a sound in mono, can I have an stereo sound?

Yes. The sound processing includes a kind of pseudo-spacialization, giving the player a wide sound, as well as reverberation.​


#4 What are the supported export formats for the masterized sound?

You can export audio in three levels of quality and three formats. Currently, these formats are uncompressed (wav) at 44.1/22.5/11 kHz, or compressed (mp3, mp4-aac), at three bitrates, 64kbps,128kbps and 192 kbps. As the mp3 encoder is not hardware optimized, in order to get th the mastered files more quickly, we suggested that you export in wav or mp4 formats.

#5 Do I have to use exclusively the preset related to my instrument?

No. You can experiment with your sound, choosing diferent presets. The resulting sound may be different, and in some cases, you may find a more suitable sound for your needs. So, feel free to spend some minutes hacking your sound


#6 My instrument is not listed. What can I do?

First, you can try a preset of an instrument with tonal similarities, or use the generic presets. If you are still not convinced, please use the Contact Form, and we will ask you to send us a sample recording of your instrument using reSonare. We will implement a preset in the next update as soon as possible.


#7 We are a XXXX & XXXX duet. Can we use the app?

Absolutely. But as the combinations grow, we cannot provide an in-depth guide of positioning or presets. However, you can always use the generic presets for a nice resulting sound.

Frequently asked questions

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